Mission Statement

The Mission Department of Nor Cal Metropolitan Jurisdiction is a Service –Oriented Ministry. One of the primary purposes of this department is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as a witness to all nations. Matthews 25:35, 36, 40.   This department also provides assistance in meeting the needs of the saved and unsaved alike.  This ministry depends heavily upon the support of the body of Christ both spiritually and naturally.


It is our objective to encourage every leader and every worker in every church to be aware of the fact that the mission spirit is the necessary force in up building the Church everywhere.


Our Goals

  • To educate, train and develop mission workers in all aspects of mission work.

  • To assist the local church in maintaining and developing a successful mission ministry.

  • To support and assist in foreign mission overseas the completion of the existing building and expansion projects currently underway, such as orphanages, schools and churches. Haiti is an area where work is currently in need of completion.

  • To improve the efforts for obtaining better financial support for the foreign and local works, while lessening the struggle. The accomplishment of this goal, upon which the other goals are hinged, will be a direct result of a reasonable budget allocated for mission work.

  • To promote home missions by encouraging the local church.